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Sierra Tarahumara Pictures:
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Pan de trigo calientito de La Sierra. 

                          Raramuri wood bracelets

Color covers

Art Crafts, Artesania Raramuri.   
All photos by Ruben Reyes.

Por Gabriela Rivera
Extreme   drought affected municipalities Balleza, Batopilas,Guachochi Carichic Guadalupey Calvo, Maguarachi, Morelos, Urique and Bocoina, inhabited by the Tarahumara community recognized the head of the National Water Commission, José Luis Luege.

These populations, the official said, were reported in severe drought conditions to be sent to government aid. "The drought in the region rarámuri is severe, but other parts of the state you are more serious. But do not minimize the problem, let alone the problem in this area, which is ancient, " he said.
Sergio Cano, director of the Conagua in Chihuahua, said the lack of rain during 2011 affected the 800 000 hectares of time worked by these communities.
"We have 100 thousand Indians in the state and were affected to some extent by the drought," he said.
However, Luege said the government is working to prevent severe problems. "There will be food shortages. We are working to remote communities have sufficient food and potable water can not miss. "
After the declaration of emergency, communities receive assistance from the secretariats of Social Development and Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA) and the Conagua.
A total of 37 municipalities classified as severe drought and social programs that are now to face the loss of their crops by the weather.  A total of 74 thousand people affected by the lack of rainfall recorded in 2011.

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