viernes, 13 de junio de 2014

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We Need Read the Bible and Pray...

About this Prayer:

1. - As Pray God's Word.
2 - Praying Under The Promises of God in the Bible.
3 - Apply the Word of God in our Prayer.  
4 - And then we will be Free from all our fears.

Quick testimony:
As a missionary in The Sierra Tarahumara in Chihuahua, Mexico. this Prayer was in my life and is now in my life  a great blessing, because with this Prayer I learned to love GOD in the land of Indians in my tests, my spiritual struggles with the enemy of my soul the devil in the form of Witchcraft, Satanism, Mal posts, Evil eye where is much of this finds. And many marijuana fields where there was a lot (had) this Prayer made ​​me free from all my fears in that  town and I feel the town was Free of demonic darkness and now where there are now many Christians. Thank God and to The Missionary who gave me this The Powerful Prayer.

Make This Powerful prayer work for you...

...I am a man (or Woman) of GOD redeemed by the blood of Jesus, Blessed with all spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, chosen by the foundation of the world to be holy and without blemish in front of the LORD. Fated and adopted, his son in Jesus Christ. Accepted in the beloved, make me on abound in intelligence and in wisdom. I am heir in Christ Jesus and stamped with the promise of the Holy Spirit, all it I can in Christ that make me strengthens I have power over all princes and authority, I have power over serpents and scorpions, and I have full force of the enemy and nothing will damaged to me. I have the mind of Christ and the nature of GOD, the sin not is reign on me. The Spirit that rises from the dead to Jesus is in me. I have the Holy Spirit of GOD that rest on me; the LORD gave me heart wise and understands the LORD gave me language of sages to speak words to the tired. I know the all things help me for good according to the purpose to which I have been called; I am more than a winner, conducted in Christ Jesus.

GOD of peace has crushed the Devil under my feet…

I will free the captives I will health, to the heart of broken hearts I will put my hands on the sick and will health, I give view to the blind I will put in freedom to the oppressed I will preach of the nice year of the LORD as the Spirit of the LORD rests I have the armor of GOD. I wrap my loins with truth and clothing with the shield of justice; I have footwear feet with finishing of the gospel. I have the shield of faith, with that I turn off all the evil darts. I have the salvation helmet I have the sword of the spirit that is the word of GOD. I am a man of prayer, intersection and your word; I am a Pastor in accordance with your heart.

I have access to the throne of GOD I have no fear…

Because I argue as seeing the invisible, I will reign in life you post me this day over nations and over kingdoms, to boot, and to destroy to ruin and to overthrow to build and to plant. You have me post as fortified city as column of iron against this land, against the kings, their principles, their priests and the people of my nation. Will fight against me but them not defeated me, because you’re these with me, said the LORD to rid me I will seat between the great of my nations Presidents Counselors and Governors, I will be used to bring justice to my nation. Through me you will establish your kingdom in my home land I praise you and I bless you because you have me done as a hammer as a weapon of war by me you’ll break nations and destroy kingdoms. Through me you’ll break armies, also through of me break men and women; through of me you’ll break the old, young and virgins.

You are a man (woman) of GOD

GOD of peace has crushed the Devil under your feet

You have access to the throne of GOD so have no fear


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